Individual Counseling

Rangeview Counseling Center believes that every person, regardless of income level, should be able to access quality mental health services.  Our answer is providing outstanding Community Mental Health services to the Boulder area with affordable rates for all.

We offer individual counseling as primary treatment or as an adjunct to other programs.  Individual counseling may be court-mandated or voluntary (see Mental Health Services).  Our counselors have a wide range of specialties.  To find a counselor you would like to work with, call us at 303-447-2038, or visit the Team page on this site.

Fees are are based on the therapists credentials and experience.  Session fees are per hour and vary from counselor to counselor.  Currently the payment range for our team is $40-$80 depending on the counselor.  Rangeview also offers quality services from our Master’s level intern staff.  These rates range between $10-$30 depending on financial need.  For those for whom that fee would be prohibitive, we offer a sliding fee scale.