Rangeview Counseling Center believes that effective treatment requires, first and foremost, full respect for all who enter our agency for help – regardless of the specific need. The 3 R’s at Rangeview are: Respect. Relationship. Responsibility. Rangeview is a safe place in which clients can explore life issues. Clients’ confidentiality is of upmost importance to all of our staff.  At Rangeview, counselors guide and motivate clients in how to best use their strengths and resources to achieve desired outcomes.

Treatment is matched to the needs and goals of each client. Our programs and treatment strategies emphasize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and utilize Motivational Interviewing, as well as Body/Mind Integration. Rangeview Counseling Center staff are professionally licensed therapists and/or Certified Addiction Counselors. In this time of tough financial realities for many people, we offer a sliding fee scale to those who qualify. Our agency is licensed and regulated by the Colorado Division of Behavioral Health. Our Boulder License is No.  and our Fraser License is No.

Our History

Prior to founding Rangeview Counseling Center in Boulder in 1987, Ken Singer worked for many years as a ski instructor. He often encountered clients whose skiing was negatively impacted by “head” problems. Applying the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, he was able to show them how to change their mental habits to be able to think more clearly and to ski with more enjoyment. This background led to the founding of Rangeview, which initially concentrated mainly on sports psychology and alcohol abuse. Throughout our history, our focus has been on meeting the needs of our clients as the legal and societal environment changes and diversifies. This is reflected in the expanded roster of Rangeview Services. On July 21, 2010, our founder and clinic director, Ken Singer, died suddenly. We are committed to continuing his legacy at Rangeview.